Removing the Nuisance Smell of Marijuana from Your Home

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One of the hottest topics discussed in today’s society is the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. With many states voting to legalize marijuana, smoking weed has become more commonplace, creating a greater need for in-home air filtration systems. When discussing tobacco products, people often think of the smell that lingers long after the ash has burned out. The chemical substances within cigarettes often linger and embed themselves in clothing and other household items. With marijuana, however, the odor associated with smoking the product often creates a nuisance smell that may appear to dissipate over time, but actually filters through the air in your home and leaves a residue that infiltrates into the air. This means for regular marijuana smokers, the quality of air within your home, without proper filtration, is likely filled with residual smoke.

With the medical and recreational use of marijuana becoming more heavily legalized at a State level throughout the United States, there have been increased studies on the effects of marijuana, both positive and negative. In a study published by the Journal of the American Heart Association, research suggested that many of the dangers associated with second-hand tobacco smoke may also be present in second-hand marijuana smoke. While research is still relatively new and we won’t know the long-term effects for quite some time, the study did suggest that even one minute of second-hand marijuana smoke exposure is shown to substantially impair the vascular endothelial function.
One of the arguments in legalizing the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use is that it is a plant, and therefore it is natural and much less harmful than other chemical substances. While this may be true, there are still side-effects, both known and unknown, associated with residual smoke. The best way to combat these concerns and ensure the quality of air within your home is through an air filtration system. The Cloud9 filtration system is specifically designed to remove the nuisance smell of marijuana, so that you can enjoy smoking, without exposing yourself to the harms associated with breathing the second-hand smoke imbedded into the air of your home. For avid marijuana users, the Cloud9 is a worthwhile investment. It is a portable unit and contains 3” deep HEPA filters which are designed to remove over 99% of particles from the air. Unlike many units, the Cloud9 combines the HEPA filters with the high-performance air filtration system, removing both the nuisance smell of marijuana and the lingering particles, allowing you to smoke marijuana inside, without worrying about the lingering odor and residual particles infiltrating the air you breathe. Learn more about the Cloud9 here >> – Link to Journal of the American Heart Association