Maintaining School Air Quality with the All-in-One Air Filtering Solution

For the large or small, open spaces with suspended ceilings and heavy contaminant loads, the FlushMount Series is the performance choice for demanding environments. Bring your students and staff pure air and a better experience, keeping everyone happy and healthy while providing peace of mind for years to come.

Our Units Fight Against

A highly effective approach to cleaner indoor air, our triple filtering system is at the heart of every MatrixAir unit. Designed to eliminate chemicals, odors and trap up to 95% of microparticles in the air, start breathing easy with MatrixAir.

Phase 1 – Polyester Pre-filter
The Polyester Pre-Filter is first line of defense. This filter removes larger particles such as lint, hair, dust and pollen.

Phase 2 – Activated Carbon Filter
The ‘chemical’ filter. This filter eliminates gasses and odors by trapping and absorbing their molecules.

Phase 3 – HEPA Filter
Removes micro-particles such as smoke, dust mites, spores, mold, spray paint, ashes, even most viruses!

Whether eliminating odors is the goal or decreasing the risk of virus spread, the FlushMount series is the solution for any drop ceiling installation. Available in a variety of sizes, it is guaranteed to fit any application to allow for clean, breathable air.