• Efficient “bypass” unit for new or existing ducted systems
  • Fully insulated for maximum performance
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The MatrixAir WHS series bring whole-house air purification to ducted systems in a high performance package. Small enough to be suspended from floor joists or mounted in attics, the WHS series is powerful enough to clean serve an entire home or office. The WHS/10 is designed for new or existing ducted systems up to 2000 CFM/5 tons, and can also be independently ducted for single room applications.

Filters Notice: 1 Year Supply:  6 polyester pre filters, 3 activated carbon filters and 1 – 6″ HEPA filter.

Notes: Contact a local HVAC contractor for ductwork and installation

If special services are required for delivery, please call
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Dimensions 12″ D x 24″ H x 24″ L
Electrical 3.9 amps, 120 V
Weight 100 lbs.
CFM 375
Cabinet Finish 18 gauge steel
Installation By-pass