5 Tips for Choosing an Air Purifier for Industrial Settings

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is its employees. Keeping employees happy and healthy starts with creating a safe, yet enjoyable work environment.

Unfortunately, there are hidden hazards that may be overlooked, like the air we breathe.

Dust, pollen, and allergens are common airborne contaminants; however, industrial environments tend to produce harmful toxins due to chemicals, smoke, and fumes. There’s a chance that employees exposed to the pollutants may have health problems due to the air quality, and not even know it!  

To combat contaminants and keep everyone safe, air filtration is a necessity. Here are five tips for choosing the ideal air filtration system for industrial spaces.

1. Space Size

First and foremost, finding the right commercial air filtration system for the space all depends on the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). An estimated CFM of air exchange in the space is going to help ensure that system is effectively filtering the air. To calculate the CFM of a space, click here.

2. Space Occupancy

If the space is constantly occupied, consider the wear and tear prolonged use will have on the unit. There are commercial air filtration systems designed high demand industrial environments to maximize contaminant removal.

3. Made in the USA

With many overseas vendors, it’s important to work with a reputable source. Manufacturers in the United States are held to strict production and material requirements to ensure consumer safety. Companies are even going above and beyond to ensure safety and efficiency with advanced product certifications.

4. High-Quality Components

The quality of the components used to construct the air filtration unit will have a profound effect on the longevity, maintenance costs, and overall effectiveness of the system. Commercial air filtration systems, especially for industrial applications, must provide superior performance to quickly filter the air in demanding environments with elevated levels of harmful contaminants. 

5. Additional Features

Air filtration isn’t a one-size-fits-all package deal. Find a vendor that provides customizable solutions. Make the most out of the system with additional features such as a carbon v-bank, UV light, or medical-grade HEPA filters.

Whether you’re in the market to improve the air quality of your industrial or manufacturing space, MatrixAir can help. With more than 30 years’ experience, MatrixAir is dedicated to manufacturing high-efficiency air filtration systems designed to accommodate any space!

To learn more MatrixAir air filtration systems or to find the perfect system for your space, call us at (603) 863-7553 or click here to contact us now.

CFM Calculator

CFM Calculator