How often do I need to change my filters?

Polyester Pre-Filters – once a month
Activated Carbon Pad – once every two months
Proprietary High Efficiency Filter – once a year
UV Blub – once a year Each MatrixAir system comes standard with a 1-year supply of filters.

Why aren’t your filters washable?

MatrixAir only uses disposable air filters because they are the most efficient. Disposable air filters are more effective at trapping the smaller particles in the air, which are usually the most concerning.  If properly maintained, disposable air filters guarantee superior performance at removing microscopic dust, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, and viruses.

What is an electric smoke eater?

Electric smoker eaters use an electric cell, a two-stage metal filter, to remove larger particles from the air. The first stage ionizes the particles, giving than an electrostatic charge. The charged particles then flow to a collection area where they stick to metal plates until they are washed.

Although electric smoke eaters seem more environmentally friendly and cheaper to maintain, they are less efficient. Once the filter is full, it cannot collect any more particles and the charged particles are just released back into the air. Keep in mind, many electric smoke eaters are not capable of filtering out smaller particles such as gases, fumes, and odors.  They may also make a crackling and popping noise as they are filtering.

Which MatrixAir filtration system is right for me?

To ensure you purchase the right air filtration system, first determine the CFM (cubic feet per minute) of your space. Once you calculate the CFM, then decide how to best mount the system (i.e. solid ceiling, drop ceiling, ducted).
Click here, to calculate the CFM of your space.

Does MatrixAir offer installation? Who does the installation?

Unfortunately, MatrixAir does not offer installation services. We recommend a licensed contractor or electrician install our systems to ensure it is properly functioning.
MatrixAir FlushMount, CeilingMount and MaxMount systems come with an installation kit tailored to its individual design.

Do I need to let my MatrixAir system run 24 hours per day?

No, you do not need to run it all day, however, we recommend that you do. Keeping your system running 24/7 will ensure a constant flow of clean air, which is especially important for heavily contaminated spaces.
If you choose to turn off your system every day, expect a gust of stale air when you turn it back on. This is due to the off-gassing of particles and odors collected in the filter, but it can be avoided by keeping your system running.

How does a MatrixAir system work?

Our highly effective approach to clean indoor air is our  three-phase filter, which is at the heart of every MatrixAir system.

  1. Pre-filter is the first line of defense and extends the life of the other two filters by removing large particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, lint, and hair.
  2. Activated carbon is essential for eliminating gasses, fumes, and odors by trapping and absorbing their molecules.
  3. Our proprietary high efficiency filter is last, capturing micro-particles such as smoke, dust mites, spores, mold, spray paint, ashes, even most viruses!
Click here   to learn more about our Triple  Filtering System

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