Removing the Nuisance Smell of Marijuana from Your Home

One of the hottest topics discussed in today’s society is the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. With many states voting to legalize marijuana, smoking weed has become more commonplace, creating a greater need for in-home air filtration systems. When discussing tobacco products, people often think of the smell that lingers long […]

Keeping a Healthy Home: 3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping a Healthy Home

With the world on high alert during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the closure of many schools and focus on social distancing has significantly increased the amount of time people spend at home. In an effort to keep kids safe and decrease the spread of the virus, parents with babies and young children may opt to minimize contact with the outside world. Now more than ever it is imperative for families to be aware of their home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

CFM Calculator

CFM Calculator