Three Reasons to Replace your Air Filters Today


Purchasing an air filtration system is an investment in the health and well-being of everyone entering your space. In order to ensure continued performance, air filtration systems require regular filter changes, similarly to how your car requires regular oil changes.

When filters are not replaced in a timely manner, you risk the following:

  1. Mold and Bacterial Growth

An air filter works by taking in polluted air, passing it through several layers of filters, and releasing fresh air back into your space. If an air filter is dirty, it means the system itself can’t pull in as much air, so pollutants are no longer being sieved out. In addition to filtering less air, having a dirty filter means that the captured pollutants are being held in the filter itself, becoming an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to multiply.  When air is being released through the filters, they could be carrying those mold spores and bacteria with them, potentially creating a more dangerous environment than before.

  1. Additional Motor Strain

Have you ever been drinking a smoothie and gotten a piece of fruit stuck in your straw? The only way to get the obstruction out is to suck harder. Similarly, when air filters are dirty, the airflow is blocked, meaning the system’s motor must exert more energy to move the air. This additional strain can lead to premature motor failure, a costly replacement that could leave your system down for days.

  1. Higher Electric Bill

With the dirty air filtration system working overtime, the motor requires more energy to push the air through. This often results in a spike in your electricity bill. In addition to paying more for the unit to be running, the actual output of clean air is less, so, you will be paying more money for less clean air.


In order to avoid these unexpected costs and degraded performance, it is important to replace filters on a regular basis. Every MatrixAir system comes with one year’s supply of replacement filters. For average polluted environments, we recommend replacing prefilters monthly, carbon filters bi-monthly and HEPA filters every twelve months. For heavier polluted areas, more frequent replacements may be necessary. The average cost of filters breaks down to only about a dollar a day; a small cost when you can count on your MatrixAir system to provide clean air for years to come.

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