Why Do Restaurants Need Air Filters?

Why do restaurants need air purifiers?

Have you ever stepped into a restaurant and been immediately turned off due to a funky odor or a lingering smell of smoke? We may not think about it often, but how we eat and how we enjoy food is directly connected to our sense of smell. 

As a restaurant owner, you must consider that the first gut reaction a new guest is going to make about your restaurant could very well depend on the smell of your restaurant. If that new guest is greeted with that funky smoke or lingering odor, you’re now going to be fighting an uphill battle to win that guest over and turn them into a long-term customer.

Air Quality

Air quality is critical and most restaurants are doing a great job of maintaining proper air quality without the guests even knowing it. If you consider the makeup of a modern restaurant, there is often some source of air filtration in the kitchen. Now, this isn’t intended to get rid of the wonderful smells of your amazing food, but rather to filter gas above a hot grill through an exhaust hood, or to remove any smoke if one of the line cooks burns the food! 

So, what can restaurants do to ensure that they are providing high quality, clear air for their guests? Commercial-grade air filters and air purification systems are going to be a great way to make sure that your restaurant is removing any unwanted smoke or kitchen odors. 


The clear leader here when it comes to air purification for restaurants is a commercial air purification system. These commercial-grade air purification systems are designed to remove smoke, dust, mold spores, dust mites, viruses, pollen, chemical odors, and more. Further, many of the newer high-quality commercial air purification systems use multiple filtering systems to remove impurities from the air in a more effective manner than traditional single filtering systems. These multiple phase filters will remove different size particles depending on the size of the filter phase. So now, restaurant owners can expect highly purified, odorless air for the guests. 

If you want to ensure that your restaurant is leading with its best foot forward, consider a MatrixAir commercial air filtration system. With over 30 years of experience, MatrixAir is a trusted advisor in air filtration and purification.

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