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To most people it’s obvious—walk in a room with clean indoor air and you feel the difference immediately. Businesses and homeowners have discovered the benefits of indoor air filtration—a healthy, relaxed and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Since 1983, MatrixAir has manufactured safe and efficient air filtration systems based on a simple, highly effective approach—a triple layer of environmentally-safe filters, proven effective in treating indoor odors, pollutants and contamination. We started with the “three-phase” approach to quality indoor air and the results formula continues today.

Since our humble beginning with two models, we now manufacture a catalog of products to safely purify indoor air—from portable home-office systems to workhorse whole-house and industrial units.

MatrixAir currently provides air filtration products to thousands of businesses including many well-known national and international chains … and to thousands of homeowners and local businesses that want to bring their customers clean indoor air.

When we compare MatrixAir products against any air filtration systems on the market, we’re confident we represent the best combination of safety, value, efficiency, ease of maintenance and effectiveness.

Meet Our Products.

Designed for solid ceilings.

Designed for drop ceilings.

Designed for industrial use.

To keep your unit running.


Business owners know that the most valuable asset is employees. Keeping them safe is paramount, and that starts with the air that they breath. By ensuring the air is free of potentially harmful pollutants, companies can rest assured knowing that employees health and wellbeing are kept safe.


MatrixAir is driven by the desire of continual improvement and is constantly looking for ways to bring clean air to even the most demanding environments. Our engineering team works tirelessly to ensure that each unit incorporates the high-performance standards that MatrixAir is known for.


Designed, engineered, and manufactured in our headquarters in New Hampshire, MatrixAir maintains complete control over the quality of every unit that goes out the door.

Meet the Team.

Gary Gambino

General Manager
As the General Manager for MatrixAir, Gary is responsible for improving the efficiency throughout the organization while managing all aspects of the company’s operations. Gary brings over 25 years of manufacturing leadership experience. Prior to manufacturing, Gary was a proud member of the United States Marine Corp. Since joining MatrixAir in 2018, Gary has utilized his Lean background and implemented numerous process improvements. In addition to leading the team, he can often be found working side-by-side on the floor, or assisting customers with unit sizing. When not working, Gary enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid outdoorsman.

Lisa Brown

Customer Service Specialist
As the Customer Service Specialist, Lisa is much more than the friendly voice to answer the phone. After joining MatrixAir in 2018, she has continually risen to any challenge while remaining a key player in the overall customer experience, both pre- and post-sale. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Bryan Eastman

Lead Assembler
Bryan comes to MatrixAir with over 25 years of manufacturing experience. He enjoys being an integral part of product evolution, whether that is in a machine shop, or his home building remote control cars, a craft he has spent over 35 years perfecting. There are no obstacles too large for Bryan to overcome and he has proven this in his time at MatrixAir. When not building things, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Jeff Gove

Shipping & Receiving Specialist
The newest member of the MatrixAir team, Jeff is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. An Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jeff is a natural leader, a skill that has served him well in various manufacturing roles over the last 30 years. Jeff enjoys spending time with his children and three granddaughters.

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