5 Tips for Air Filter Maintenance

Nowadays, clean air is a topic on every platform. Did you know that just having an air filter running isn’t always enough? When an air filter becomes dirty, it could result in reduced airflow or halt air filtration completely. This means that the motor and the system must work harder to keep the air clean.

Excessive stress on the system can lead to premature failure, or even a costly replacement or repair. Additionally, when an air filter is completely obstructed, all air intake stops, giving contaminants free range which could cause short or long-term health issues. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of air filter maintenance and avoid possible consequences: 

1. Clean the Area Around the Filter

Keeping the area around the system clean is the first line of defense in air filter maintenance. When going about your cleaning routine, vacuum or wipe down residual dust buildup on exterior panels of the system, both before and after replacing the filter. Establishing and maintaining this habit promotes filter longevity and functionality, allowing it to effectively combat unseen allergens and contaminants. 

2. Properly Dispose of the Dirty Air Filter

While some air filters are washable, disposable air filters are the most efficient and effective at trapping smaller air particles. When changing the filter, bring a plastic bag to immediately put the dirty filter in. Gently handle the filter to prevent trapped particles from being released into the air and dispose of them in an outdoor waste bin. 

3. Correctly Work with the Unit

The first step in changing the filter, for any unit, is to cut the system power. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and make sure the filter is properly installed to prevent gaps around the frame of the filter. Then turn on the unit and double-check that the filter is staying in place. 

4. Follow Maintenance Alerts

A filter doesn’t have to look dirty to be dirty. Even if everything looks fine on sight, it’s important to stick to the recommended maintenance schedule or indicator light. MatrixAir recently released a Dirty Filter Indicator (DFI) to the MaxMount Series that triggers a red light when the air filter reaches maximum capacity. 

5. Keep Note of Changing Dates

Lastly, keep an ongoing record of the dates when you replaced the filter as a maintenance reminder. This practice not only helps keep track of when to change out the filter but also provides information on the system’s performance. If the periods between changes are irregularly short, there could be an issue with the unit or ventilation system. 

All MatrixAir air filtrations systems are designed to provide users with simple maintenance to ensure continuous optimal performance.  To find the right MatrixAir system for you, call us at (603) 863-7553 or contact us here.

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