MatrixAir Incorporates Filter Maintenance Reminder to MaxMount Series

It’s easy to forget routine maintenance tasks, that’s why MatrixAir has added a convenient Dirty Filter Indicator (DFI) to its MaxMount Series. Now when the air filter has reached its maximum capacity, it will trigger a red light as a reminder that it’s time to replace the filter. 

The addition of the Dirty Filter Indicator is not only to ensure the continuous flow of clean air but also to maintain optimal performance. Not routinely replacing air filters may result in serious consequences. When the filter in an air purifier is full all air intake comes to a halt, giving contaminants free range, which could cause health issues. But that’s not all, not changing the filter can overstress the motor and destroy the air purifier. 

The MaxMount Series is designed to provide unobtrusive air filtration to an entire home, office, or industrial workshop. With multistage HEPA/Carbon filtering, the MaxMount Series offers maximum performance to guarantee clean, indoor air year-round.

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