MatrixAir’s CeilingMount Systems at Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco LLC

Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco LLC is a premium retail smoking lounge located in Berlin, Connecticut. This establishment is a favorite among local cigar enthusiasts who appreciate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy their products.


Despite having traditional exhaust systems in place, Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco faced significant issues with persistent clouds of smoke that detracted from the customer experience. The existing ventilation was insufficient to effectively manage and disperse the heavy smoke generated in the lounge, leading to a dense, lingering haze that affected air quality and visibility.


To address this, Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco turned to MatrixAir for their innovative CeilingMount and FlushMount air filtration units. Known for their efficiency and ease of installation, both systems promised a robust solution to the lounge’s smoke problem.


The installation process for Ray’s team was swift and non-disruptive, completed in just 30 minutes without interrupting the lounge’s operations. These units were strategically placed to maximize air filtration and smoke dissipation.


Post-installation, the improvement in air quality was immediately noticeable. The MatrixAir units effectively broke up and filtered out the smoke clouds, significantly enhancing the atmosphere within the lounge. Patrons can continue to enjoy their cigars without the discomfort of smoke-filled surroundings, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Client Testimonial:

Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco has expressed immense satisfaction with both the product and the service provided by MatrixAir. They remarked, “The CeilingMount units have tremendously helped with getting the smoke filtered. These guys are awesome people—there’s a great group here at MatrixAir.” This positive experience has also been reinforced through multiple interactions with MatrixAir’s team, highlighting their professionalism and commitment to customer service.


MatrixAir’s systems have proven to be an effective solution for Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco, directly addressing the challenges of maintaining a fresh and welcoming environment in a smoke-intensive setting. The success of this project not only underscores the effectiveness of MatrixAir’s technology but also demonstrates their ability to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through innovative air filtration solutions and exemplary service.

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