What is Smog?

The term smog was first used in the early 1900s to describe smoke and fog that usually came from coal-burning factories. Today’s smog is a bit different than the smog back in the 1900s, but it still poses a critical health risk. 

Most smog seen today is photochemical smog, which is a reaction between sunlight, nitrogen oxides, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere. VOCs are the chemicals released from paints, cleaning agents, and gasoline. Nitrogen oxides are from factories, coal burning, and vehicle exhausts. When sunlight mixes with these varients, they form what we know as smog. 

Many cities in China and India, along with cities in America, like Los Angeles, have high smog rates. On bad days the ambient air quality can be similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Smog is a serious health problem in many places and can infiltrate homes and businesses. Investing in a commercial air filtration system provides the best protection for any indoor environment.

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