Can Air Filters Be Used for Cannabis?

Over the past 20 years, there has been a massive shift in the perception of cannabis across the United States, both for medical and recreational use. With this widespread national adoption of cannabis, many aspiring businesses are starting to cultivate, harvest and distribute cannabis to capitalize on the growing user demand. 

As new business ventures look to cash in on the cannabis revolution, there has been a growing request for effective air filtration and purification in growing facilities. Luckily, these thriving businesses have access to modernized commercial-grade air purification systems to effectively remove odor and airborne contaminants that alter air quality. 

Odor Control

Whether it’s a small or large-scale facility, cannabis cultivation can cause a stink. Many states even consider the stench a nuisance and have implemented regulations related to the odor. Under air quality or air pollution regulations, facilities must control the odor so it will not impact surrounding neighbors.

Contaminant Control
Although much focus is on the odor, cannabis cultivation also releases a lot of contaminants into the air that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated during growing and processing are actually to blame for the odor. The VOCs are harmless until they combine with combustible gases, that’s when ozone is produced. Ozone is not only bad for the environment but breathing it in also causes cardiovascular health effects.


The best way to remove odors and reduce the emission of VOCs is with a commercial air filtration system equipped with activated carbon. Carbon filtration captures airborne VOCs, which removes the odor while letting the clean air pass through. An air filtration system designed to meet the size and scope of the cultivation facility will provide continuous control over both VOC and odor production to satisfy state and local regulations.

No matter the size of the facility, MatrixAir can help! With more than 30 years’ experience, MatrixAir only manufactures high-efficiency air filtration systems designed to accommodate to any space.

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