Breathe Easy With MatrixAir

    From your home to the workplace, MatrixAir stops harmful pollutants from infiltrating the air you breathe. MatrixAir offers a variety of air purification units for residential and commercial needs with filtration options tailored to meet environmental demands. Proudly made in the USA, MatrixAir systems are designed to protect and improve indoor air quality.


    For over 35 years, MatrixAir has been manufacturing safe and efficient air filtration systems for homeowners and businesses with one thing in mind; keeping families and customers happy and healthy with clean indoor air. Since our humble beginning with two models, we now manufacture over a dozen systems to safely purify indoor air, from portable home and office systems to whole-house and industrial units. Read More >


    USA Made

    We proudly manufacture our purification systems in the USA. Located in Newport, New Hampshire, we distribute our high-quality systems worldwide.

    Peace of Mind

    Whether at home or at work, rest assured that our purification systems are proven effective in treating indoor odors, pollutants and contamination.


    Our state-of-the-art customizable air purification systems can include a variety of filters and UV lights to further reduce the risk of viruses, bacteria, common colds and allergens.

    Featured Product

    How effective are MatrixAir systems?

    In just under a minute, the FlushMount1000 cleared the air inside this small trailer, 4x faster than the competition. MatrixAir offers a variety of models to best fit your space and air cleaning needs.

    What are the Top Indoor Air Pollutants?

    Air cleaning can be a useful addition to indoor air quality control alongside ventilation to fight against poor air quality. MatrixAir air purifiers capture 90-95% of small, respirable particles down to .3 microns with a three-phase filtering system at the heart of every MatrixAir unit. From small residential units like the AeroClear, to demanding industrial units like the MaxMount, MatrixAir has a unit that can fit any building need.... Read More >

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